Researchers & Staff

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Dev Niyogi - State Climatologist

Dr. Dev Niyogi is an Associate Professor with joint appointment in the Departments of Agronomy and Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science at Purdue University . He is also the State Climatologist for Indiana and the Director of the Indiana State Climate Office.

His research seeks to advance the understanding and representation of the effects of vegetation and land surface processes in environmental, weather forecasting, and climate analyses, using a combination of dynamical models and surface, satellite remote sensing and multiscale analysis products.

My personal website is: www.landsurface.org/

Ken Scheeringa - Associate State Climatologist

I made a career choice in meteorology as a freshman in Illiana Christian High School , while studying weather in science class. My father later built a home weather station in our backyard and for a time I reported my observations to Harry Volkmann and Roger Triemstra, weathercasters at WGN-TV Chicago.

In preparation for my career, I attended Purdue University where I graduated as a major in Atmospheric Sciences. During this time I also discovered my interest in computers. I learned computer programming, a valuable skill which has served me well through the years. In recent years I have completed other college computer courses to update these skills, especially in the area of web development.

The first three years of my career I was a Research Agronomist in the Agronomy Department at Purdue, working on an NSF sponsored weather and corn yield project. In 1977 I became a Meteorology Assistant, in part assisting the National Weather Service’s Midwest Agricultural Weather Service Center as their minicomputer systems manager and programmer. I also assisted the Indiana State Climatologist and the agricultural climatologist on staff at that time.

From 1988 to 2004 I served as the acting Indiana State Climatologist, responding to client requests for climate data, documentation, and general advice on application of climate data to solve unique climate related problems from a vast arrary of client groups. I also assisted an Agronomy Department professor during this time with his sponsored research in UVB radiation and atmospheric deposition.

In 2005 I assumed the role of Associate State Climatologist for Indiana as Dr. Dev Niyogi has been appointed the new Indiana State Climatologist.

PhD Students

Anamika Shreevastava

Jie Liu

M.S, (2015.8-now): M.S. degree in Ecological Science and Engineering at Purdue University in IN, USA
B.S, (2011.9-2015.6): B.E. degree in Computer Science at Southwest University in Chongqing, China
Research Interests: machine learning based method for rainfall analysis including causality analysis of UHI intensity and rainfall in Midwest US; deep learning; meta-analysis.

Judith Lorenz

I’m a Visiting Scholar until July 2017 from TU Dresden (Institute of Meteorology) in Germany. Before starting my PhD last year, I did my Diploma in Hydrology and hold a MSc degree in Water Management as well. For my PhD work I want to improve spatial rainfall information with the help of (multi)fractal analyses. At Purdue I am working on deriving fractal characteristics of convective storm events as well as their feedback on cities and landscape characteristics. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my church, doing sports and recently discovered my love for crocheting.

Malena Orduna Alegria

I was born and raised in Mexico, also educated in Canada, US, Germany, New Zealand and others. I have a Bachelors in Environmental Engineering and a Masters in Water Resource Engineering and Management. I’m currently working on my PhD at TU Dresden in the Center of Advanced Water Research (CAWR) in the International Research Training Group (IRTG), on the topic of “Water Quantity and Scarcity – Optimization of Complex Water Networks​” and working at Purdue University as a visiting scholar in the project of “Analysis of Irrigation Water Network for several sites in the US for historical and predicted data”.

Some websites related to my work are . . .

Milind Sharma

My master’s research at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore was about modelling the overland flow of pluvial flood (floods from extreme rainfall) using 2-dimensional shallow water equations. This is how I got interested in exploring more about the causal factors for such extreme events.

So, I landed at Purdue and my doctoral research focuses on land atmospheric feedback effects on variability of rainfall. I use numerical weather prediction models to simulate the weather to analyze spatial heterogeneity of heavy rainfall in urban areas. Using this information I want to map the vulnerability of regions to flash floods. I work with high resolution satellite as well as in-situ datasets to model the precipitation.

Apart from my research, I like collecting trivia about anything under the sun which keeps me occupied in my leisure time, and yeah I love travelling too.

Renee Obringer

PhD Student Ecological Science and Engineering

I am interested in hydrological droughts and their effects on urban water systems. My work involves using both modeling and statistical techniques to analyze the changes in urban reservoirs and watersheds before, during, and after severe droughts. For more information on urban droughts, go to urbandrought.org.

Sai Prasanth Bhalachandran


Xing Liu

My research focuses on large-scale crop modeling and the simulations of cropland-atmospheric interactions. By linking crop models, land surface model and weather model, I’m trying to understand how climate variability impacts crop yield and also, how cropland impacts weather (yes, they do). I work with big weather and climate datasets and numerical models at daily basis, I also build my own model and datasets, you can find more info in the “Research” part.

Outside my research, I read (not scientific papers), I write (mostly essays), I take photos (for documenting).
My personal website is: xingliu.space/


Andy Eggert - Data Analyst

I am an Undergraduate student in Atmospheric Science in the EAPS department at Purdue University. My interests are short term forecasting and severe weather impacts. I am from Indianapolis, IN and would like to work in forecasting or sever weather research upon graduation in 2018

At the Climate Office I collect data and compile weekly reports for the State Climatologist and create precipitation maps for the iClimate website and twitter page. I also handle data requests sent to the office and maintain quality control of our Purdue weather stations and the Indiana CoCoRaHS network’s weather reports.

W. Logan Downing - Data Analyst, Technical Lead, and Webmaster

I’m completing my senior year here at Purdue University in Atmospheric Sciences. I’ve been working for the Indiana State Climate Office since the spring semester of my Junior year. Working at the climate office has afforded me the opportunity to work as a Data Analyst and eventually, due to various needs in the office, become a Technical Lead and Webmaster. My work at the office has been centered around answering data requests, developing and implementing a new digital signage solution for our hallway sign, and developing, designing, and implementing the new iclimate.org.

I will be graduating this May and will be working for an Environmental Engineering company, Creek Run, in La Porte, IN as a Field Scientist after graduation. I will also continue to serve the Indiana State Climate Office as a part-time remote Webmaster.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my church family, reading (mostly older classics like Sea Wolf or Pride and Prejudice), spending time outdoors, camping, biking, traveling, and XC four wheeler racing.