Welcome to the completely redesigned iclimate.org! We’ve been hard at work developing a new website over the first few months of 2017 and we hope that you’ll like what you see! Iclimate.org is the home of the Indiana State Climate Office’s digital presence. All of the core functionality from our old website, such as data requests, Purdue Agricultural Automated Weather Stations (PAAWS) data download tools, and various in-house maps, are still here and in many cases are located in the same places. Some new links have been added to the site in order to increase the functionality of the iclimate.org domain! Some of the new links include access to the Iowa Environmental Mesonet data (providing our users a way to download Indiana ASOS data), a direct link to the Climate Prediction Center, and various streamflow webpages (found under the tab “Water Data”).

Our old website was not very mobile friendly. The new website has been specifically designed to allow you to access everything here from your mobile device!

If there’s something that you’re struggling to find on the new website, you can visit old.iclimate.org by going to the Indiana Climate tab and selecting “Legacy Site”. This link will return you to the old website but your browser may try to prevent you from visiting this page due to the old site lacking an SSL certificate. This is to aid our users in making the transition to the new website. Keep in mind that the old website will no longer be supported and information there will not be updated from this point on.

New webpages and tools are in development! In the mean time, if you have any questions or requests regarding the new website feel free to send an email to the webmaster. Simply go to the “Contact Us” tab in the top right corner of the screen (or bottom of the menu for mobile users) and select webmaster. From here you’ll be able to let the webmaster know what issues you’re having and he’ll respond as quickly as possible.

We hope you enjoy the new iclimate.org!
-The Webmaster.